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10+ Easy And Quick Hairstyles You Can Flaunt This Party Season

We are in the last week of 2019 and almost every millennial wants to spend these days painting the town red! While you are juggling work and other responsibilities, if you think you don’t have time enough to pull a nice hairstyle for the parties you have to attend, think again! Here are 10+ hairstyles to choose from, irrespective of your hair length and hair type.

Beach Waves

Priyanka Chopra has been pulling off the perfect beach waves since ages now and we still are not bored and will never be, it seems! Beach waves are fun, stylish and will give the right amount of volume to your hair when done right!

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Bouncy Waves

Another type of wavy hairstyle and the girl flaunting it we are not tired to look at all are the bouncy wavy locks flaunted by Deepika Padukone, especially in her movie Cocktail. When done right, they will give a peppy bounce and volume to your hair.

Loose Curls

Loose curls, much as sported by Blake Lively (someone who can pull of literally ANY style of hairdo), is hip and sexy! If clubbing and hours and hours of dancing is involved in your party tonight, opt for this look. They instantly add sex-appeal to one’s personality!

Fishtail Braids 

Want to sport a hassle-free but stylish hairdo? Fishtail is your answer! This one is best for social-gatherings when you know you are bestowed upon with some responsibilities of an arrangement or two. Simply do a side-partition of your hair and a slight puff on top of your head before you start with the braid.

Half-Down, Half-Up Side Braid

Half-down, half-up side-braided hair screams rebellious peppy personality! If a dark and leathered outfit is on your mind to sport at a party, this hairdo will do justice to it!

High Pony-Braid

Deepika’s this hairdo for a high-end social event this year was a pleasant surprise, indeed! This hairstyle is absolutely summer-proof, meaning – no matter how badly you are sweating and heating up on the dance floor, your long hair is nicely (and, don’t forget – very fashionably) tied away.

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Both Side Braids

Probably one of the most-loved and most-done hairstyles by Indian girls, both-side braids with loose hair is a quick and easy answer who want to try a hassle-free tied but loose hairdo. If forehead sweat makes your front hair stick to your face and spoil your experience dancing the night away with your pals, this hairstyle is for you!

Over-The-Head Puff

For those who have a relatively smaller face, a slight puff on the top of your hair will solve the small-face-problem effortlessly. Make sure you do not over-do this puff and that you tuck and pin the puff to avoid making it look like a balloon!

Over-The-Shoulder Locks

If a corporate party or even a fine-dine dinner date is on your card for the evening and you want to look exceptionally presentable without any hassle, opt for this hairstyle. Wear metal danglers for earrings and sparkle the night away!

Side-Pinned Hair

Side-pinned partitioned hair is the perfect and the quickest ‘sanskari’ hairdo. Want to add volume to your hair? Add some nice beach waves or waves to your locks before pinning them. Determine your face type.

Side Twist ‘N’ Clip 

Try this on either side of your hair-partition, giving a little twist to your locks before pinning them will give the right amount of puff and volume to your hairdo. This might seem very classy for a nice cocktail party, but you can pull this hairdo for a brunch-date with your girl-gang as well.

Top Bun

When you are utterly confused as to what really do about your hair for the party tonight, simply take a hair band and tie your locks in a bun on the top of your head. Also, if you have had an utterly busy day and have no time in hand to wash and blow-dry your hair, simply dust a little bit of baby powder on your hair (near the scalp) to absorb oil and pull your hair into a tight bun. Also, doesn’t this hairdo look peppy, quirky and smart all at the same time?

Top Bun ‘N’ Let Loose

If you want to add the right amount of quirk to your club-look opt for a bun on the top of your hair and let the rest of hair loose. To add some volume to your hair, add some nice beach waves to your hair before pulling some strands to tie in a bun. Though this hairstyle suits every face type, it works best for a heart-shaped face.

Straight ‘N’ Sleek

If a DJ and crazy dancing are not on your evening’s to-do list, and letting your hair down with poise is on your mind, simply go for the simple but absolutely lady-like classy straight hair look. Make sure your hair is not frizzy and dry; apply and gently massage some hair serum to add some shine to your hair before you start straightening them. Let your hair do all the sparkling for the night! If you want to go extra lady-like – simply go for a side-partition, you are good to go!

High Note Ponytail 

High ponytails are heart! You can do so much with your hair along with a nicely done ponytail. Going to attend a formal party? Opt for a sleek ponytail hairdo. Going for a major series of club-hopping? Opt for the messy one. They are varieties and choice is yours!

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