10 Creative And Artistic DIY Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home

Why should one get their home revamped by others when you can do it yourself? Here are some outstanding interior ideas to redo your home from dull to cheerful and colourful.

10 Creative And Artistic DIY Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home


We all dream to live in a home which exudes positive energy, warmth, and happiness. At some point in our lives, we all picture ourselves in a home which speaks volumes about ourselves and my interests and dislikes. And why not, because our home is an extension of our personality and we all want to be in a space which is comfortable, pleasant, creative and quirky.

So, what if we tell you that all this is possible. And the cherry on the cake is that you can do-it-yourself with some amazing interior hacks and that too within your budget. Oh yes! No more breaking your head over boring walls, messy room, and dull color palette. So, gear up and quickly grab a pen and paper and note down these life-saving décor ideas to breathe life into your monotonous space and create your dream house.


DIY Display photos on the wall with clothespin: 


Don’t we all want to be reminded of our happy moments spent with our family and friends? It would be so great to enter into your hallway space and see your life’s best moments in the form of photos on the wall. DIY Method: Take a clothespin and a string like wire and attach all your amazing photos on the string and hang it on the wall to give an amazing personal and artistic, creative touch to your wall.

DIY Cupcake flower lights: 


Flowers are refreshing and can light up your room with happiness. But what if we add a creative element to this and make flowers with cupcake mould papers and lit it up. Cupcake flower lights give a breathtaking view of your space and radiate great positive energy. DIY Method: Making these floral garlands is fun and easy to make and all you need are cupcake papers and string lights, and you’re on your way to some simple summer lighting

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DIY Cookie Sheet Magnet Board:


Ever wondered that your kitchen cooking tray can be used for multiple reasons. You can add a lively touch to your bedroom with this magnificent cookie sheet magnet board. DIY Method: Grab a fun, coloured cookie tray from the local supermarket and stick it on the wall with a few poster stickers. Then, decorate it with a variety of adorable magnets. And you can add your favourite photos with messages.

DIY String art design:


This is a bit time-consuming and tedious but don’t let it stop you from trying your hands on this brilliant decor trick. DIY Method: To make the template, simply type the word which you want onto a word document and set it to into a landscape. Now, you can pin nails onto the sheet and stitch it with different coloured threads to give a creative and colourful spin.

DIY Chalkboard table: 


It’s time to get rid of your boring and dull tables and add some glitter and spice to it with quirky ideas. DIY Method: Decorate a thrift table with some chalkboard paint and get your artistic side out by jotting down your favourite dialogues, quotes or wise words.

DIY Clock: 


There’s so much that you can do with the clocks of your house. Now, don’t limit your clocks to just showing time but also use it in more fashionably and creatively. DIY Method: You can make your own DIY clock with pictures, old magazines, and vintage buttons. So, make your wall space attractive with redefined clocks.


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