10 Bollywood Actresses Show You How To Layer Up For Winter

Who says layering is just for fall? With a slight dip in temperature, this seems to be the perfect time to get on with the layering game

10 Bollywood Actresses Show You How To Layer Up For Winter

Layering not only adds to your style, but also prolongs the life of your summer wear. You can keep slipping in to your maxis and skirts and when you feel the chill, pair them with long jackets. With winter round the corner, take a fashion lesson from our Bolly babes.

1) Sonam Kapoor

Winter Fashion

Be super comfy in a monochrome maxi dress and pair it with a loose fit floral printed jacket. You can add a scarf too for extra warmth around the neck or to simply manage your unruly hair.

2) Deepika Padukone

Winter Fashion

Sneakers, track pants, mid-long cardigan jacket, all convey cozy, comfort afternoon. Enter bold lips and aviator shades, and you are bound to be noticed even in a crowd.

3) Priyanka Chopra

Winter Fashion

Is it too chilly outside? Then add layer on layers like Piggy Chops. Be choosy about the footwear that can be the statement piece for the look.

4) Katrina Kaif

Winter Fashion

Are you a dungaree fan? Then sport one this season like Kat. She has added a layer with the checkered shirt, you can team it up with a denim or corduroy jacket too.

5) Alia Bhatt

Winter Fashion

Here comes the coolest of them all. Pair a shorts with a long jacket, click a selfie and post it on the social media for comments. Do tell us, how many ‘likes’ you get.

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7) Kangana Ranaut

You want to be the style diva and sport a NYC look at the streets of your very own city? Take tips from Kangna then. Skinny pants, long coat, pointed heels and a classy tote, what else do you require?

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8) Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Winter Fashion

Whenever she is around, effortless beauty is in sight. Forget FASHION and just absorb whatever you see.

9) Parineeti Chopra

Winter Fashion

This younger Chopra has learnt the tricks well. That’s why she has opted for the short-long look.

10) Anushka Chopra

Winter Fashion

Anushka Sharma: Denims can never betray you. Wear denim trousers, a denim jacket and break the monotony with a striped shirt or even a nice t-shirt.

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