10+ Armlet Designs You Must Try

10+ Armlet Designs You Must Try

It’s been a couple of days since Diwali and we are still feeling festive. All the jewellery you spotted on friends, colleagues, and relatives is probably tempting you to invest in more. A decade ago, armlets were essential and today, they are an edgy, statement style. So, New Woman has brought to you 13 types of armlet designs that you can opt for.

Animal Motifs

cute armlets

If you are a hardcore animal lover, opt for these cute armlets with animal motifs such as owls, peacocks, elephants, dolphins, etc. Depending on the design, they can look funky too. You can wear them even on long-sleeved monotone/plain kurta.

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Oxidised jewellery

Oxidised jewellery has become a hit among all the millennials. If you are looking for some cheaper but antique silvery-looking armlet, opt for this one.


If you want to match or mix-and-match your armlet with your outfit colour in a slight punk, opt for a nice beaded armlet. You can add some charms as well to it, and, to add a little hip look, wear it with a casual outfit too.


silvery chains

If you want a slightly hip looking jewellery to go with your neutral and/or monochrome sleeveless top/kurta, go for such armlet. The silvery chains will add the right amount of bling and clink to your look.


American stones armlet

If not for the real diamonds for the main events, opt for the American stones armlet. They look classy, dainty and elegant.


Funky armlets

If you want to add some punk and funk at the same time to your monotone kurta / lehenga, opt for funky armlets that have abstract or nature-inspired motifs such as leaves, feathers, etc.

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Gold armlets

Gold armlets will add the right amount of regal elegance to your overall look. If you don’t want fully gold one, opt for a design with pearl and/or some semi precious stone(s).

Inlaid With Stones

Inlaid With Stones

Hip, chic and elegant, armlets inlaid with stones will go well with any semi-traditional outfit. There are so many types and colours of these available in the market. Also, look out for some craftsmen who make customised ones.


Kundan armlets

Kundan armlets look very regal and graceful. Very much popular among the modern-day brides, these armlets complement traditional zari-embroidered outfits very well.


old-fashioned armlets

You can wear such old-fashioned armlets on anything, literally. They complement any types of outfits such as casual, semi-casual, traditional, bridal, etc.


types of armlets

One of the most royal-looking types of armlets would be the pearl ones. They make for a very traditional look. The best thing? You can wear one of these on western traditional gowns too.

Rugged Silver

silver armlets

These chunky silver armlets have very rugged feminine beauty about them. They will give you a hip touch to your outfit. Wear them on earthy coloured outfits and hand-loom clothes.

Simple Bands

Simple band armlets

Simple band armlets are very convenient because they are minimal and give the much needed bling to your overall look. You can wear them with any outfits – even with casuals such as a combo of denims and t-shirt.

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