10 Amazing Yoga Poses For A Strong Healthy Heart

Anjali Mudra:

Similar to our ‘namaste’, sit cross-legged on the floor and bring your palms together with the fingers stretching out to the centre of your chest (heart chakra). This represents the harmony of the two sides (right and left). Now close your eyes and slowly inhale, hold your breath for a few minutes, and then exhale. Continue this pattern for a few minutes.

The Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana):

Lie down on your back with your hands stretched sideways now fold your knees, spread them out and raise your body up from your pelvis area. Take support from your hands and hold the position. This works wonders on your hips, thighs, stomach as well as back.

Triangular Pose (Trikonasana):

Start with a wide-legged stance; turn your right foot out. Now stretch your arms out, wide open pushing the right side of your waistline over your right leg and slowly go down, facing downwards with a flat back. Keep your right palm on the ground (you can choose to keep it in front of your right foot or behind it) or on a block with your left arm stretched upwards. Repeat the other side.


Lie down on your back with your eyes closed, arms by your sides, palms facing up and legs stretched out. Let your ankles fall outward. Then slowly start inhaling and exhaling as you melt deeper into the floor with each breath. Stay in this pose for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana): 

The asana works on your spine, shoulder, abdomen and also helps relieve stress and fatigue. Lie down on your stomach with your hands next to your chest and slowly push your body upward. Concentrate on your breathing and feel the stretch in your abdomen as well as spine going down to your buttocks.

Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottasana):

This involves sitting with your legs stretched in front and joined together. Now, try to bend forward and touch your feet without bending your knees. You can even try to rest your head on your knees if possible. The asana is great for flexibility. This facilitates in bringing down the heart rate and relaxing your system.

The Mountain Pose (Tadasana):

One of the most basic and easiest yoga postures. This pose helps in relaxing, tackling stress and focuses on deep breathing. Stand with your legs slightly wide open, take your hand up, joining them together in ‘namaste’ or Anjali Mudra. Take deep breaths and stretch your body.

Stick Pose (Dandasana):

Lie down on your stomach with your hands next to your chest. Now, push your body up, elevating yourself up and balancing your body on your palms and feet.

The Warrior Pose (Veerabhadrasana):

It involves going into the mountain pose, followed by stretching one of your legs back and with the other leg going into a lunge like position with your knee at a ninety-degree positioning and your hands stretched right above your head. You can take this further to the veerabhadrasana II or warrior poses 2 wherein you bring your hands in front of the chest and straighten your stretched leg, pointing it outwards while your other leg is still at ninety degrees and your both arms are stretched out wide apart.

Standing forward bend (Uttanasana):

You can do this move without props, but supporting your head on blocks (or even a chair) enhances this relaxing pose’s calming benefits. Standing in Mountain Pose with your hands on your hips, inhale, and then exhale as you bend from the hips and fold forward, keeping your front torso long. Rest the crown of your head on the blocks and grasp your ankles with your hands. Keep your knees slightly bent if your hamstrings are tight. If you’re prone to back problems, move your feet farther apart, keeping them parallel.

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