Pioneer Book Company Pvt Ltd established in 1948, is one of the country's leading publishing and distribution houses. Initially, Pioneer was engaged solely in the distribution of newspapers, magazines and journals. An enterprising spirit, combined with foresight, saw the Company rapidly expand and set up an all India distribution network. Today, the Company has over 55 years of experience in the printing, publishing, distribution and in-house publication of periodicals and journals.

The media boom in the late 70's and early 80's, led the Company to expand its horizons and enter the publishing world with their first publication 'Ashtapailu', a Marathi sports fortnightly, edited by the former Indian cricketer, Mr. Ajit Wadekar. The success of 'Ashtapailu', led the company to launch in March 1987, 'Meri Saheli', a women's monthly in Hindi, edited by the legendary actress, dancer and now, member of Parliament, Ms Hema Malini. 'Meri Saheli' succeeded in giving the regional female readership the true friend that they were looking for. This instant identification with the content of 'Meri Saheli' led to its astounding success and it grew rapidly, reaching the zenith in no time. Today, 'Meri Saheli' enjoys the privileged position of being the largest selling Hindi women's magazine in India.

The success of 'Meri Saheli' led to the launch of 'Arogya Sanjeevani' in December, 1990.

This Hindi health quarterly providing medical information and health advice, based on the ancient Ayurvedic system of medicinal cure, again struck the right chord with its readers. Today, the magazine has a steadily rising circulation and a loyal readership.

With years of experience behind it, Pioneer Book Company was ready to step into the English magazine segment and the year 1996 saw the launch of 'New Woman', a women's monthly, again edited by Ms Hema Malini. With its fresh approach, its commitment to women's issues and its extremely well balanced content, 'New Woman' notched up a sizeable readership in record time, and is today, the second largest selling women's monthly in English in India.

A deep awareness of the millennium's need to achieve mental peace and to do its bit for its loyal readership, the company launched 'Ved Amrit' a spiritual magazine that provided readers with a holistic approach to life. The magazine now enjoys a special niche of its own and is on its ascent towards greater success.

Pioneer Book Company is not resting on its laurels. It intends to continue its growth, add fresh dimensions and meet the new demands of the millennium. Today, it dreams of a future where family reading will mean a value publication from its stable. With experience on its side and the wherewithal to explore fresh territories, it is now planning to venture into the diverse field of entertainment and looking for a noteworthy presence on the net and the small screen. Pioneer knows well the advantages of dreaming big.

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