How To Lose Your Sexual Discomfort In Bed

With our love tips at hand, you can now shed those inhibitions and unleash your wilderness in bed.

How To Lose Your Sexual Discomfort In Bed

Let’s accept the fact that our inhibitions often stop us from opening up to our partner, making love and creating memories.

Break free: Most of us suffer from the ‘good girl syndrome’ that makes us rely on our partner to bring pleasure and satisfy their sexual desires. Understanding that intimacy is a two-way connection and it’s normal for a woman to initiate and enjoy sex and build up the excitement.

Stop treating it like a routine:
Make the most of your time with your partner, making him feel like there is no tomorrow. Consciously think about sex every day and think of different ways of getting naughty during the act. Treat sex simply as a form of foreplay, express your love towards your man and make him feel special.

Read (and watch) more:
Be the girl of your man’s fantasies. Read up on subjects like sensuality and lovemaking, so you can visualise the act and lose your inhibitions. This way you will be able to experiment and explore things you may have never thought of.

Play sex games:
Step outside of your comfort zone by indulging some exciting bedroom games. They will add fun and expand your level of comfort and intimacy. Try a new sex tip every day to add fun into your love life. Lose the inhibitions that are holding you back for a mutually enjoyable sex.

Discuss on a healthy note:
It is imperative to treat your partner as your soul mate and best buddy. Let him know everything about you, including your sexual turn-ons and fantasies. Discuss with him your fears and inhibitions that are limiting you from being yourself. There should be no secret between you and your partner.


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