Namrata Dagia
Tarot Reader, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Clinical Psychologist and Child Psychologist & an Alternative Healing Therapist.
Email ID: [email protected]
Mobile No: 08850330889

Do not react to the behaviours of other people. Be calm and composed. Allow your sensitivity to be expressed out in its best way. Do not let your sensitivity be your weakness. Be patient and listen. Understand that things might be different than what it appears like from the outside. If you feel confused, pay attention to your intuition. Your own higher self will never guide you wrong. Shift your entire focus on the things that you actually desire. Identify your life purpose and start walking towards it. Be firm and assertive. Learn to say a no.

It is very essential for you to uplift yourself from unhealthy situations and allow it to help you grow. There is an intense need of cleansing and detoxifying all the clutters of your mind, emotions and thoughts. Negativity will never let you grow. Do not regret letting go of people who have always pulled you down. Have confidence in yourself. Make yourself believe that yes you can still accomplish and live your life the way you had thought of it. Everything is happening for a reason. Face this change gracefully. Allow yourself to engage in creative endeavours. This will help you professionally and mentally.