Namrata Dagia
Tarot Reader, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Clinical Psychologist and Child Psychologist & an Alternative Healing Therapist.
Email ID: [email protected]
Mobile No: 08850330889

If you are going through an emotional experience, which is negative in nature, there are chances that its source id from your family. Heal your relations with family to heal your other relations outside. Keep your energy levels high as now there is no looking back for you. Detach yourself from people who put you down. Your body needs refreshment and break from the daily activities. Go and spend some time nature. It will help you ease out your concerns. Allow yourself to experience love in all of its forms. Spend quality time introspecting your own thoughts and behaviours.

You need to be grounded in the present moment. Neither staying in the past is going to help nor planning about the future. Whatever you have right now in your hand, make the most out of it and give your best. This will help you to create the kind of future you desire. Your hard efforts will soon be rewarded. Release all your worries that you have regarding finances. All your financial needs will be magically met. All that you have given will come to you in multiplied returns. If you are feeling confused regarding any life situation, ask yourself what is it that you desire and follow it.