Namrata Dagia
Tarot Reader, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Clinical Psychologist and Child Psychologist & an Alternative Healing Therapist.
Email ID: [email protected]
Mobile No: 08850330889

With the recent events that happened, signifies a great release of burden or stress. Now, you are in the perfect frame of mind to manifest the kind of life that you desire. There is nothing to worry about. If you are experiencing any kind of anxiety or fear than release it totally and replace it with faith. A change in direction is indicated. You could to move to a new house or there would be promotion prospects available. Make sure that you take good care of your health. Avoid eating junk food or oily food.

Do not give up. Endings are always a sign of new beginnings. Let of the past. Living there doesn’t help you to grow and holds you back in the vicious cycle created by your thoughts. Break free from this cycle. You have many more important things in your life where you should direct your attention. If you are going through any stressful situation, rather than growing it, spend some time in nature. It will soothe your mind. This will also help you enhance your relationships. You need to sort things with your inner self to solve things externally.