Namrata Dagia
Tarot Reader, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Clinical Psychologist and Child Psychologist & an Alternative Healing Therapist.
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Your over judgmental and critical attitude can be harsh and destructive not only for yourself but for others as well. See only from the sight of love. If you just keep on focusing on the negative, you are growing it. Forgiveness is a key for successful relationships. Your partner is a mirror to your own self. Find it out what is there in you that triggers the other people with whom you deal and interact. You have been working too hard lately and there is a need to relax a bit. Unconditional acceptance of self and others is a solution for you to deal with these situations.

This is the perfect time for you to grow in your desired direction. Do not let your procrastination, anxiety or laziness hold you back. Your greatest block for your growth is no one else, but you your own self. If things are not going right, make them right. Express your heart out. You have choice to turn situations in your favour. Do not let anything stop you from this. There is nothing that you should really worry about. Allow only positive thoughts to be in your mind. You could be emotionally at a very sensitive peak.