5 Don’ts For A Successful Relationship

For a successful relationship, you need to take a little efforts and know what things will affect your relationship. And if you don't know what they would be, here are a few don'ts you must always keep in mind.

5 Don’ts For A Successful Relationship



Men and women communicate differently. So it’s always best to make time to think another way to explain something to your spouse if he doesn’t understand initially. Try to look at the situation through their perspective, and listen with compassion. So, if you want your marriage to work, here are a few don’ts you must always keep in mind.

1 Do not expect: Start doing things for your partner instead of expecting him/her to make the marriage a perfect one. Ensure that they understand what you have to say. Don’t expect them to know it beforehand.

2 Do not judge: Get to know your partner rather than judging them or their family. Judging means to isolate and disown; asking questions with love is connecting and relating.

3 Do not measure compatibility: Start by being compatible with others rather than measuring compatibility. It has to be created not measured.

4 Do not pass frivolous comments: Avoid commenting about your partner to someone else or your family. It might seem like you
are disowning the person, rather than connecting.

5 Do not forget the golden words: Saying ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’ is a must, but do it from your heart.




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